Thursday, April 20, 2006

Putting the PRO in Procrastination

The grass needs cut, the litter boxes could stand to be cleaned, plants need repotted, yet here I sit, catching up on my blog reading and eating chocolate. My Mom would be howling.

Sadly, I'm lacking material. Life goes on, and wwwk is the same. The seeds have sprouted, or at least some of the tomatoes and most of the cucumbers. I learned the first time I planted cukes, that you don't need too many plants. I've got 6 or 8 seeds starting. If they all produce, that will be more than enough. Baby cuke plants grow at an alarming rate. I only put the seeds under the grow lights on Sunday, and one is already 3 inches tall. I'll be potting up those little suckers this weekend. Too bad the Thai hot peppers and green peppers aren't giving me the same consideration.

Obbie and I went out to dinner last night. Actually, we were invited to some kind of wine and cheese party at a local art museum, then went to dinner. I had mussels. Something I don't crave, but they're good every once in awhile. And these were exceptional. Steamed in white wine with garlic and parsley. I mopped up the juice with the worlds best breadsticks. Heaven I tell you!

The netted necklace is coming along slowly but surely, and I'll be a happy camper when it's finally done. I have to start making stuff for the website, and for the upcoming shows. I do like the custom stuff so much better, making things exactly how people want them instead of making a bunch of different things and hoping people will like them.

And that, my friends, is all I have. Which really sucks. Maybe you should come back tomorrow when I may be better equipped to entertain you. It's just Thursday, and since I've ceased my participation in HNT, (because I'm not getting naked on my blog just so people will comment) Thursday is just another day.

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