Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Numbers Game

Every once in awhile, I wonder how many blogs are out in the blogosphere? This morning, Technorati has the count as 33.2 MILLION sites. And those are just the ones that are being tracked by them. Can you imagine? Unless someone specifically gives you a blog address, how do you find them? I'm curious.

In checking my stat counter, in the past seven days, I've had a total of 305 page loads here. Of those 305, 227 are unique visitors. Of that 227, 107 are visitors who haven't been here before, and most likely found me via search engines. 120 of you have been here before and are returning for some reason. (After the last two weeks of exceptionally poor blogging, I'm surprised anyone is here at all) That 120 breaks down to 15 returnees a day.

What I'm painfully trying to illustrate here is that this blog is just one of 33.2 million plus. I'm not linked many places, and not heavily traveled. Dooce, Hog on Ice, Gut Rumbles, Lileks, and all the other big dogs get THOUSANDS of hits a day. THATS impressive. (And profitable apparently, since Dooce is now a stay at home Mom with ads on her blog) In These Shoes is just a mere crumb in the blog universe. Which is okay by me. I'm grateful for my friends who come here daily. Or weekly. Thanks to most of you for stopping by. There will be more pictures, recipes and stories to tell. I will not be quitting. Regrouping, yes, but quitting no. Quitting is never an option for me. And just for sheets and grins, I'd like for anyone reading to comment today. I know I won't get everyone, but the stats don't lie, and I know there are a couple more folks other than my Virginia, South Carolina and Okie buddies who read here.

With that being said, I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog:

I see the Da Vinci Code is coming out on film next month. I loved the book, and am just a little apprehensive about the movie. Movies rarely live up to the book. But the hysteria is starting to build about the immorality of the story. The Catholic church is crying Blaphemy already. Other church groups are screaming foul as well, and want DVC banned and are using the book to illustrate the evil of our times. Get a grip. The book is FICTION. The movie is FICTION based on a FICTIONAL NOVEL. Using the Da Vinci Code book to illustrate evil is like using Green Eggs and Ham as a cookbook. Methinks that this is all a smoke screen to divert the attention of the masses (pun intended) away from the real problems faced by churches these days. Talk amongst yourselves.

Someone stole Jerry Garcia's toilet. Can you imagine? I didn't even read the article. It's just one more in a long line of things that make me go "Huh?" (I've been doing that a lot lately)

Obbie and I had our first Rita's italian ice Sunday night, so spring is truly upon us. On the way back, we are at a stoplight, and one of those annoying little cars is behind us revving it's 'engine'. (It sounded like my hated Eureka vacuum when I've vacuumed up something I shouldn't) I'm guessing the snotnose driving wanted us fogies to know he was there, so we'd move and he could have a clear shot to speed up to the next stoplight thirty yards away. Being that I'm fairly contrary (more than usual) these days, when the light changed, I accelerated the wagon up to a hot 20 miles an hour, while the Nissan behind us was practically screaming to get around. Hah. It is the small things in life, isn't it? I'm destined to be one of those old ladies shaking my fist and saying, "Those damned kids" I just know it.

With that, I'm off to the shower. Have a good day, I know I will.

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