Saturday, April 15, 2006

It Was

A Good Friday!

Coffee turned into a roadtrip. We got on 81 North, after a breakfast stop at Obbie's favorite Harrisburg Diner, The All American. He wouldn't tell me where we were going. Despite all the questions, "Where are we going?" "how long til we get there?" "Oh for Gods sake are we there yet?"

First stop was This place MAN! Talk about a mind blower!! Yes, there are lots of stuffed animals there, but I'm more of a fishing person, and the 55,000 gallon aquarium is AWESOME!! HUGE trout, bass, bluegill, and many other Pennsylvania fish swim in these waters. It's just cool. Obbie was laughing at me because I stood there for the longest time with my mouth open. (Classy, very classy) Cabelas is a trip, for I didn't know there was so much stuff to buy in the outdoor theme. Sure, I've been getting the catalogue for years, but you have to actually see three different styles of camoflague bedsheets to believe it. Not to mention the giant camping section, and 50 kinds of backpacks. (First best line of the day: "Oh look! German Rucksacks!" "Wow, they're big. You could carry all your rucks in one of those.....")I think we got out of there spending a whopping 5 bucks. (Bucks - Cabelas?! Get it?!! Never mind) Onward thru the fog! Or in this case, rain. We traveled the back roads over hill and dale from Cabelas to our next destination. Which was here I don't think this was a planned stop, but Obbie is as much of a junk/stuff/antique freak as me, and a barnful of stuff, and life size cow statues is something we can't ever pass by. This place is amaaaaazing!! Not cheap, but freaking amazing. I didn't realize there was a second location (Up the road) nor did I realize they were such a big deal. I found a couple things I needed, er, wanted, but didn't have the money for, so darn it, we'll have to go back.

That experience bordered on sensory overload, so we sat in traffic on Route 222 South and composed ourselves. The traffic was a killer, so we did a quick U turn and headed off in a much less congested, northerly direction. To this place A madhouse on the Friday before Easter. (Well, DUH)We picked up some candy for Mom (just a small box) and some treats for later and started for home. I bought a cookie in the bakery, and was getting ready to divvy it up between Obbie and I. He says, "Hang on a second, save that for dessert." Always something up his sleeve, this man. Naturally he wasn't telling me where, so it was a great surprise to pull into the parking lot here. We do love our hot dogs, and this place is exceptional. It's been around a long, long time, and is quite popular in the area. Obbie told me one time he was in charge of some kind of meetings up in this area, and for lunch, he brought all the committee members there for lunch.

After our dogs, we headed back to I-78 to head on home. About 10 minutes into the trip, we saw a State Police cruiser parked on the berm with his lights going. Never a good sign for Friday afternoon traveling. Sure enough, a mile down the road, the blinking construction sign told us "Traffic stopped in two miles" mile was more like it. As luck would have it, the next exit was within sight, so we got off there for some gas, and another unplanned stop. Oh boy! I had seen the barn from I-78 numerous times, but had never been there before. WOW! Any kind of meat you'd like, smoked or fresh, fresh baked goodies, and all kinds of unusual spices and other odd things. They sold Moxie soda too, but we didn't see that until we were on the way out the door. The line was long (Everyone must go there for their Easter hams) so we didn't get any.

We took the long way home to avoid the now 10 mile backup on I-78. That was the way to go, for even though it was the long, roundabout way, it was way cooler than sitting in traffic inhaling diesel fumes.

We were home safe and sound at a reasonable hour. I'd have it was really a Good Friday. Whats really cool, and I never really knew this, is that all this stuff was within 90 minutes of the house. There are tons of campgrounds all around the area 'up there', so it'd be very easy to spend a weekend doing all sorts of different things without spending a fortune on gas.

Thanks Obbie! (I get to pick the road trip next time!)

(For the record, this post is the second one I made. Blogger ate the first one, so in the future I think I'll be putting everything in Word or on the Notepad and transferring it over. This retyping a whole post stuff is Crap, with a capital C)

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