Thursday, April 13, 2006

In the Mountain

Last night Obbie & I went for a walk in the mountain here.

That was the first time in awhile I'd been hiking, or walking as the case was, in the woods in a long time. I'd forgotten about the silence. The only sounds I heard were the birds and us crunching along thru the dry leaves on the trail. I could see where I'd like doing this in the evenings.

One thing bothered me though. The dryness. The little creeks that usually would be gurgling along at full bore were mere trickles this time. They were way lower than I'd ever seen them at this time of year. In the past, the snow runoff from the mountain, and the spring rains would have these little creeks at capacity, and the surrounding areas marshy and sloggy. Not so this time. I saw very few water skitters (thats what I call them, the long legged bugs that skate across the top of the water..) Several of the creeks were totally dried up, and appeared to have been that way for some time. We were on a trail that skirted the watershed area, and there wasn't much water to be seen.

Scary stuff, in my opinion. PA declared a drought situation two days ago. Thats never good. But global warming is junk science and a myth. (That mindset due in part to the pinhead theory that hurricane season was the worst ever last year...uh, geniuses, don't get me wrong, but hurricanes are spawned over warm water...the more and warmer water, the more hurricanes, right?)
The gas shortage is the least of our concerns these days. We should be very worried about the natural resources disappearing. The same natural resources that we've taken for granted for so very long.

Sorry to be a downer, but thats kind of where I am this morning.

In other ramblings, today is the last day of the workweek (yay) and Obbie has some function to attend tonight after work, so I'm on my own. I plan a big time of litter box cleaning and beadwork.

Wait...that sounds like what I do anyway. in the fast lane!

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