Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm experimenting with the no title entries for a little while. It's hard enough for me to blog daily, let alone come up with something clever at 5:15 am....

Due to the nearly 3 bucks a gallon gas prices, AND the 10 dollar per person entry fee (to shop....) the excursion to the bead show this weekend has been cancelled. I shall be taking that money and shopping for beads online. Due to my newly acquired tax number, hence PROFESSIONAL JEWELRY MAKER (cough, cough) I can gleefully shop at all the wholesale bead sellers online. Yay me. The only real problem with that is I cannot touch the beads. I'm a tactile person (not tactful usually) and the way something feels will decide whether I'll purchase it. I've been told that shopping with me is like shopping with a blind person. I have to feel all the clothes. If something feels wrong, it's on to the next thing. Beads and stones are not much different. I like the way they feel. I can hold them in my hands for awhile and they'll tell me what they'd like to be made into. Hence my business name, "The Bead Whisperer" That came as a joke from Obbie and Mom. Last fall the hometown paper interviewed me as a vendor for the street fair. I told them that jewelry making was my 'thing', and that stones and beads tell me what they want to be. Obbie and Mom thought that was rather amusing, so Obbie called me the Bead Whisperer. I kind of liked it, even though it was a hoot on me, so I kept it. Anyway, we're not going to the big bead show, as we'll be fifty bucks in the hole before we walk in the door. Fifty bucks buys a lot of beads, kids. A lot. (Providing they're not cut opals, or something really exotic) Not like I don't have any beads here, since I still have LOTS of unused loot from the last bead show in York. Obbie kindly reminded me that the next show is about a month away. (OH CRAP! GOTTA GET BEADING!)

In other parts of my world, not wwwk related, the seeds I'm starting under lights have FINALLY started sprouting. These Jet Star tomatoes are being problematic however. Usually I can sow a half packet and put them under the lights, and they all sprout. Out of a full packet, I've only gotten two healthy looking sprouts, and 5 or 6 spindly little guys. Whats up with that? And the green pepper seeds haven't done anything yet. I'll have to redo them, I guess. Obbie rigged me a sort of cold frame out in the side yard. The bottom is from the old futon, and for the top, or lidm we finally are using one of the old windows I salvaged. I put the green pepper seeds in there in the hopes they'll jump start. But when I checked last night, nothing. So tonight, I'll resow them, and more tomatoes. Got the lawnmower out, and much to my surprise, she fired right up. The lawn is very lush and green right now, but it will get mowed this week or weekend. Before Mulie starts calling, "I"ll cut your grass for twenty bucks...."

We found vacuum cleaner bags for the good vacuum last weekend, yay, and have made a serious effort to get together our truckload of STUFF for the flea market. Hopefully Sunday. I'm SHOCKED, SHOCKED I say, at the amount of STUFF we have accumulated!! If we sell everything for a buck or two, we should be able to go to Nova Scotia for free. It's that bad, really. I had forgotten about the auctioning spree I was on, buying box lots, and hoarding them to resell by the piece.....not to mention some stuff from Obbie's Mom's house, and Obbie's stuff. Thats a lot of stuff, kiddies!

There is a bird out on the patio, and three of the cats are in the kitchen window losing their collective kitty shit. Talking and chirping at the bird. Hey geniuses, do you really think that you're going to lure the bird into the house? Too bad I can't find my camera (under all the junk on the dining room table) or I'd take a pic of three kitty butts, with tails twitching in unison. Don't mind me, I'm easily amused.

Time to make the donuts. Or at least get ready to make the donuts.

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