Friday, April 07, 2006


Not a hellish week by any stretch. But I'm still glad it's Friday. It's raining like crazy out, and we all know that kind of nonsense makes me want to curl up on the couch with a couple cats and a quilt.

I attended a political fundraiser last night. Obbie's company sponsored it, and I did the good girlfriend thing by being there with my good clothes on. It wasn't hateful. I met some interesting people, ate some good food, and practiced my schmoozing. I'm not a good schmoozer, as I'm uncomfortable in situations that don't involve talking really loud or being able to do something useful, like cook. I'm not particularly good at small talk either. Anyway, it was a good evening.

Who knows whats on tap for the weekend. Or even tonight for that matter. There is some jewelry making and housework (boo, hisss) to attend to, but I think I'd rather do something. But finances may impede what 'something' entails, not to mention icky weather tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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