Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Don't Be Silly

To date, no phone calls from the drunken one.


I appreciate everyones input, and yes, of course, I know what I have to do. He's just simply not part of my world any longer, and his many stupid choices aren't my problem either. It saddens me deeply because when he's not drinking, he's got a huge heart, and is very sweet. But the drunken stupidity outweighs any good, I tried to help him for four years, and it didn't work then, so it's not going to work now. After he left me, I was emotionally drained, nearly financially bankrupt, and just a little nuts. No thanks. That was a scaaary place, and I ain't going back.

In other news....

Well, there isn't any.


Besides the non-heating dryer and the ton of beads I should be listing on eBay, but haven't gotten around to, there isn't much happening.

Barney & Max (hereafter known as the Mangosteen Brothers) are stalking past my chair, grumbling. I have no idea what either of them are grumbling about. Neither of those cats should have any gripes with the world, given a year ago they were half starved and living in a shed. Now they're fat, sleep in bed with Obbie and I, have more toys than some kids, and most importantly, still have their little kitty gonads. The latter because I'm lazy and a piss poor money manager (buy beads or neuter the cats...Hmmm...) But I will get to that soon. We will have no piss cats in THIS house. No way.

I cut the grass last night. With the 8 inch high grass gone, I can see clearly (now the rain is gone) little trails cut into the soil, right under the grass. Moles or voles. I ran over one with the mower last night, and he escaped unscathed. OVER MY FOOT no less. Yes, of course I squealed like a girl. Didn't see THAT coming. (Which seems to be a trend lately...)

Obbie is all wrapped up in some political scheming this week. He's positively sinister when we talk during the day. Sinister in the good way. Rubbing his hands together and chuckling evilly. It's very entertaining.

The cuke plants are ready to go outside, but it's not near time. The tomatoes are poking along, threatening me daily with dying. I have to pot up a couple more for the next shelf on the lighting setup. Damn peppers aren't doing anything. Damn them.

Tonight, a package came. I signed up for a bead trade with some of the other beady women from the bead forum. I had almost forgotten about it, truth be told. But the package came tonight, and I was able to get a couple things that might just have some things to say to The Bead Whisperer. I have to find some orphans that need to go to someone else. Thats the deal, take something out, put something in. It's not like I don't have any beads......

See? Told you I haven't anything to say. OH! BTW, I wanted to verify my remark about HNT la week. I am NOT dissing HNT, everyone else can HNT to their hearts delight, and show off all the body parts in the world. I'm not a HNT hater. Some people who don't need to see 'parts' check in here periodically, and I just don't feel right about displaying parts. I showed my feet, hands and the sunburned chest, but thats it. I noticed that unless major flesh was displayed, the comments were few and far between. So I gave it up. The four of you that read and comment are fine with me.

NOW I don't have anything else to say.......

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