Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sort of an explanation

I just have the shit of everything right now. Since the weekend, poo has been piling up on me, and I just don't like it.

Work is weird. There have been some rumblings of position changes, and lateral moves, and training has begun. But it's screwing my my schedule. Like my cats who can tell that it's 5:15, and expect to be fed no later than 5:30, I like my schedule. I like things just so. Right now, things AREN'T just so and it irks me. It's throwing off my rhythm. I've also gotten rid of all my bookmarks at work, so not to be tempted by the evil blog reading during work hours. I always got my work done, but I did so enjoy the daily visits to all my favorite people. I try to visit y'all at lunch time, but theres only so much I can do from my blogroll, dammit. And you're out of order! (I guess thats my Virgo nature to have things just so. Just don't tell anyone.)

Plus Obbie and I aren't presently the poster children for happy happy joy joy. We're not fighting, but it's just not exactly all fun right now. I feel like I'm being an asshole and acting all put upon, and that he's just kind of laying back and not contributing much. We're better tonight though.

The upcoming craft show isn't happening either. The organizer 'forgot' she talked to me, and did not allot me a space. This I found out because I sent her an email about when I remitted my check. She not only forgot me, then offered to 'fit me in', she chastised me for 'not sending the check in sooner.' I talked to her last week....I declined being 'fitted in', and requested my check returned. I do hope that I get the check back, because if it gets cashed and she tells me I didn't show up to the show, there is going to be trouble. That whole experience is being filed under "I'm surrounded by idiots."

Now that I've written that all out, it seems minor and petty. Which in turn makes me seem minor and petty. Oh well. This too shall pass.

A good thing is that I may be opening an online store for my jewelry. Stay tuned for more details. It will be thru one of the beading/craft show services I belong to. We'll see if this is an alternative to craft shows. Save me some irritation, perhaps.

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