Friday, March 03, 2006

Pimp My Blog

Or at least teach me how.

I'm very bored with this template. And I haven't found any that don't annoy or nauseate me. No, that is a lie. I did find one thats really pretty, it's got cool sunflowers, but it's yellow (eew). I tried it here in draft, and while it IS rather nice, it dosen't fit 'me'. I've tried, unsuccessfully, to manuever thru the blogskins website, but 98% of the contributors on there spell words wrong, use Z instead of S, or TyPe lIkE tHiS and I bloody cannot handle that. Not to mention wading thru 18 pages of cartoon characters, fairies (not Brokeback, silly), or scary blood dripping Gothy stuff. NOT that there's anything wrong with that, it ain't me babe.

This is an open call to anyone who is versed in blog pimping. Help a sista out here. I'd like something different and new. You can do it, but I would prefer being tutored or pointed in the right direction. Whatevah. Just don't charge me a stinkin' fortune, as I am a poor bead/shoe whore, and my means are limited. (and no, thats not a plea for cash donations, I HATE blogs that beg for money.) I'm not a total eTard, but I am HTML challenged. Baby steps, kids, baby steps.

Thanks ever so much.

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