Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Not Dead Yet

Illegal immigration....Does anyone besides me think it's quite bizarre that so many people show up for these protests? I propose a shuttle service. Get on the shuttle and get a free trip back from whence you came, unless you can show proper documentation.

Then theres this local tragedy. (one of two well publicized drunken tragedies lately in our happy little area) After an evening of partying, a young woman and her friends decided it'd be a fun thing to do to climb from the top of a parking garage to the adjacent high rise. On the way back, the young woman slipped and fell 18 stories. She was trapped in the crack between the two buildings and died after she was rescued. The Thursday after all this happened, our illustrious local newspaper (who ran the story of the woman for several days earlier, each time highlighting the fact that alcohol was involved) ran an editorial about the perils of stupidity and alcohol. Also, a story from one of the columnists, who also talked about stupidity and alcohol. In the 'out and about' section of the paper, a weekly "columnist" wrote about how she and her friends spent St. Patricks Day barhopping, drinking "Irish Car bombs" (tee hee) and how at 8:00 pm 'they were bored, but stayed where they were and finally left, 3 hours later'. Which to me reads, "Even though we were bored, it was St. Pattys Day, and we stayed and drank for three more hours."

I question the judgement of the newspaper in running of her drunken festivities. This is a weekly column, mind you, where all this woman talks about is going out to bars and the various drinks she has while she's out. As a matter of fact, she's become somewhat of a local celebrity because of her 'job'. A woman died because of drunken stupidity, and the incident was well publicized. So why on earth would the newspaper allow the 'social' columnist (stretching on both, might I add) to submit a piece detailing her exploits on the same night the other woman died?

Harrisburg has been beating the drum for it's 'Restaurant Row' for awhile now. The city is fancying itself a 'New Georgetown', with it's bars and restaurants, where all the cool people go. I've been in a number of these establishments, both as a patron, and as a salesperson. If having fun and being with the cool people means I have to spend 8 bucks on a chocolate martini, and dress up, and stand in line, count me out. (Shoot me if I ever order a chocolate martini..) These folks are so busy pouring booze down their throats and checking each other out, that there is no room in their brains for common sense. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to sound like that crotchety old lady that yells at 'Those damn kids'. I did some pretty stoopid stuff in my day. But it just seems that lately, stupid is glorified.

Okay. Rant over.

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