Sunday, March 05, 2006


I woke up cranky this morning. I spent half the night trying to turn over, but had to move two cats and yank the quilt out from under Obbie. I had to turn over otherwise I would have been serenaded with the whistling nose sounds, snorking, snoring and mutterings of his Obbieness.

Needless to say, the world isn't sitting (or is it setting?) too well with me this morning.

I've got a big hate on for the following:

Maxwell House coffee. Yuck! I taste such a big difference between that and Chock Full O'Nuts.

This filthy house. If I started cleaning now and kept cleaning until tomorrow at this time, it still would be filthy. Add to the filth the boxes, bags and PILES of stuff that Obbie has brought from cleaning out his Mom's house and his old apartment. Thats not even counting the multitude of boxes full of flea market items that are in the 'office' upstairs. AND the spare bedroom that is FULL of clothes.

The refrigerator that is full of food we buy, cook, eat some of, but don't finish, so it goes bad.

The newspaper pile that is stacked two feet high, because I'm the one who knows the way to the end of the driveway on Wednesday nights.

The recycle bin has overflowed to the mop bucket next to it. Again, to the end of the driveway? Only I have that knowledge.

Magazines? Oh they're here in spades. Two trash bags FULL of assorted magazines, flyers, recipes, maps, and other bullshit that was dragged in here and dropped. Out in the trash. ("Where'd the bi-lingual guide to New York City go?" "It's laid there for two months. I'm sick of looking at it and now it's in the garbage.")

Bead stuff is strewn all around the living room. All of that is being filed, put away or pitched.

The sun is shining and it's warmer than it has been, so the box elder bugs are out in force. INSIDE my windows. They aren't harmful, just annoying. I'm debating on just sucking them up with the one vacuum (Out of four in the house) that works right. But theres plenty more where they came from.

I've got a major case of the ass, and everyone better look out. Since Obbie was married before, he can tell when the case of the ass is in the air, so he cleared out early for his staff meeting. Then he's going to spend the afternoon with his son. Good. I don't have to clean around him. I'd hate to think I might actually accomplish something! Wheee!!

Oh, and I'm not even getting into the whole new blog template thing. Makes my head hurt. Now I know why I have had this boring ass template for so long. I don't like anything I've seen. Pages and pages and pages of designs and not one of them does a damn thing for me. And how the hell do you turn off that fucking annoying blogger nav bar on top? I don't see an 'off' tab, just ones to change the color.

Now that I've vented, I will start the process. Out with the bags of trash I have lined up in the foyer. Dump the recycle bin. Move more stuff up into the office or Obbie's dressing room. Vacuum the stairs, mop the stairs, clean cat boxes, vacuum in the cat box room. Find the twine and bundle the newspapers. Put shit away. (Yes, away. It's a common word, usually means BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM. Thats a foreign concept, apparently) Mess that two people create, but one is cleaning up. See, aren't you glad you aren't here?

What I really need is a flamethrower. Anybody have one I can borrow?

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