Monday, March 06, 2006


Well shitfire. What with all the pestilence and disease, pissy behavior and weirdness ramming around Amesland, I almost forgot the big announcement.

At noon on June 16, I will be leaving work and not returning until June 26.

But, Ames! Where are you going?

Here are some hints:

Give up? NOVA SCOTIA! Yes folkies, we are heading off to the great North! I am so excited. We will be camping most nights, but will end up in a hotel the last night before we get on the ferry to come back into Maine. We're planning ahead and booking as much as we can online now, so there won't be as much out of pocket expenses all at once. Of course, the trip will be blogged, and much photographed, as you can tell, Nova Scotia is quite photogenic. (From the top, Peggy's Cove, NS Lighthouse, Halifax city and the Cabot Trail)

Stay tuned. Updates will be posted as details become available.


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