Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What Dreams May Come

I wasn't eating anything weird before bed last night, we had a damn fine broccoli & beef stir fried noodley thing that I invented at the spur of the moment. But I had a strange dream early this morning:

Obbie and I were at an auction trying to buy mannequin heads. (Yes, mannequin heads. Don't ask me. Neither is anything I usually go after at auction.) We were standing in the gallery with the heads behind us on shelves, along with some really cool lamps. They were selling lots of other crappy stuff, and at first we were bummed out because we thought they'd do the heads & lamps last. But the helper came back and pulled a couple of the heads and the coolest lamp off the shelves and brought it up front.

But before they could start selling the heads & lamps, this Korean lady (in the dream it was very clear that she was Korean, but I don't know why) was freaking out because the other ladies at the auction wouldn't let her bid on SOS pads. (?!) The Korean lady was bitching and yelling that she'd never make a living if she didn't have the SOS pads, and that the other ladies were being mean by not letting her bid. The other ladies were all sitting around her laughing at her.

In order for everyone to calm down and get back to the business at hand, the auctioneer brought out this big huge container of peanut butter, and big metal trays (like in kitchens) of white bread. The auction helpers started making peanut butter sandwiches and passing them out to the people at the sale.

After everyone had their sandwiches, they commenced with the sale again. But before I could bid on the lamp, Barney (the cat) jumped on me and I woke up. Dammit. I really wanted to have that lamp.

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