Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Trouble Is, I Have To Buy More Beads

Well, I probably wouldn't HAVE to. But.....

I'm making some jewelry for a charity auction. In my post Dr. John delirum, I signed up to donate some of my work.

I have lots of beads, but I think I need more for this specific project. I just got an order of beads Thursday night. There is no such thing as too many. No. Really.

Not much else happening. House-Filthy. Laundry-In desperate need of clean jeans. Super Bowl munchies need planned and executed.

Speaking of Super Bowl. Obbie and I went out last night (yes, two nights in a row. I thought a little hair o' the dog might help. It didn't, and I switched to iced tea after one shot.) ANYWAY. The sheer numbers of people wearing Steeler Black and Gold are amazing. Either there are a lot of people who laid low during the regular season, or a shitload of bandwagon jumpers. I'm so grateful....SO FLIPPIN' GRATEFUL that I do NOT work in a bar/restaurant for Super Bowl Sunday.

Stay tuned.


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