Monday, February 27, 2006

Treading Lightly

Sunday was good. Obbie & I shot down to Washington and visited the LUSH store in Georgetown. Even though it was 28 degrees out, that whole place was packed. Remind me not to go in the summer. Georgetown might be a thing of the past, since LUSH is opening up a store in Philly soon.

We returned to a chilly house, since the furnace ran out of oil. Oh well. I'm used to the drill by now, and after some bitching, swearing and a lot of stomping around (Poor Obbie. He's so patient) We had heat again.

I'm treading lightly today. One year ago was when I took my great fall and dislocated my right knee and shredded the ACL. I opted for NO surgery to repair the ACL, much to the dismay of my doctor and the physical therapists. My reason was simple. After 6 weeks of PT, they wanted me to have the surgery and start all over again from square one with PT. No dice. Sure, I'm 'opening myself up' to arthritis later on, but heres a shock, both grandparents and parents have/had owie knees. Having the surgery won't guarantee no arthritis. So why bother? Anyway, I'm treading lightly, since my already bruised Karma is due another shot sooner or later. I had a revelation over the weekend, and decided that taking petty things personally is no way to go, and that I'm only making myself nuts. So I'm done. I'm tired. The petty games are wearing on me, and I'm tired of them, and what they're doing to me. Onward thru the fog, and all that.

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