Friday, February 24, 2006

RanDumb Friday II

I had so much fun with RanDumd Friday last week, that I think I might make it a regular event. I kind of feel like I'm channeling Andy Rooney.

I can't say I'm much impressed with the Winter Olympics this time around.

Fatmouth Bode Miller really kind of pissed me off. He's just too cool for the whole 'Olympic Experience' apparently. So, he's a 'good' skier. So he has some kind of talent. But he's just another ski bum in my book. He should have just stayed home. Some kid who CARED and TRAINED and WANTED to be there didn't get to go because Bode Miller was just a little better on the slopes.
Thats crap. He's a has been. Or more like A Never Was. Idiot.

Hey Bode, start training now: "Do you want fries with that?"

And speaking of idiots and Olympics, two more big ones spring to mind.

The Ebony and Ivory of the US Speedskating Team. Chad Hetrick is a flaming jerk. He could have taken the high road. He could have been a bigger person. He could have remembered that it's just a game. But he didn't. He infected the event with his personal vendetta against Shani Davis. Who is also a flaming jerk. It takes a lot of gall to dis your teammate and countryman on national television REPEATEDLY. I don't care what color you are. An asshole is an asshole. Good sportsmanship is whats important here. I was heartened to see Shani Davis cheering Hetrick on Friday evening.

Bringing us handily to the good sportmanship of Linday Jacobellis. "It was an honest mistake"
She was SHOWING OFF. She deserved to get second. Hell, she should have been disqualified.
I guess 'Gracious Winner' wasn't something she's heard much of in her alleged career of snowboard snowcross. Better go to college, honey, you aren't getting any endorsements for being a second place show off.

And thats my Olympic blast. We have a bunch spoiled brat babies representing the United States of America. Isn't that swell? .

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of Olympians who embody the Olympic Idea, but sadly, the buttheads get more press.

March of the Penguins. Am I the only person in America who wasn't blown away by that movie? I thought it was terribly sad. The eggs dying. The babies dying. Mother penguins not coming back. Daddy penguins not coming back. THEN the babies get deserted totally! AGH!! And then I started thinking about global warming, and how the ice might not be thick enough to hold all those penguins soon. Then I got sadder. Poor penguins, walk 70 miles one way to mate but instead go crashing thru a hole in the ice.

Fuck. Is it no wonder I watch the Food Channel?


I answer the phone 50-100 times a day. Every call is answered with a (semi) cheery "Good Morning/Afternoon, XYZ Company!" Out of the 50-100 calls a day, at least 3 will say, "Is this the XYZ company?" I reply, "Yes it is, how may I help you?" The day my brain falls out I'm going to say, "Nope. I just wanted to see if you're paying attention. This is really Walmart." I figure I'll get fired that day too.

Obbie and I were discussing things the other morning. In the course of conversation he used the word "Guttersnipe" to describe someone. I fell in love with that word on the spot! I had heard it before, but never in a conversation.

gutĀ·terĀ·snipe (gtr-snp)n. A street urchin. A person of the lowest class

Isn't that a great word! And I know just where to use it.

I'm just bitching up a storm here today. Better check the calendar. Ayup that explains it. I better
start drinking tonight. Or at least switch to decaf......and run the red flag up the flagpole so Obbie knows that theres danger ahead.

I'm hunkering down for the big jewelry making rush before the craft show in two weeks.

I think I'm finished. At least for now. If I feel the need to share any further, I'll keep it as a draft until next Friday's RanDumb.

There might be a big announcement next week. (No, not babies or marriage, I'm far too surly for either at this point)

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