Wednesday, February 08, 2006


My goodness there seems to be an overabundance of drama these days on the big old interwebnet.

The one forum I post on is melting down with drama. Mostly manufactured, entirely avoidable. When are people going to learn that stirring a pot for no good reason other than to cause grief is just wasting time? Not to mention posting while intoxicated or under some influence, be it artificial or real. Why bother? Does the phrase GET A LIFE mean anything?

Then theres the various and sundry bloggy dramas going on. I'm not talking about loved ones passing away, or babies being born, or the usual 'family dynamic' thing. (Boy howdy are there some cute babies in my reading list!!) I'm talking foaming rants against other bloggers, and the good old game of of HE SAID, SHE SAID. Jebus, people, lighten up.
Blogging is supposed to be fun. Why take everything so seriously all the time? Nothing like a bunch of in-crowd wannabes crying the blues and pointing fingers at everyone and name calling. Oh SO Class-say!

I read blogs for fun. For entertainment. Sometimes even a little education sneaks in there. But it's always entertaining in one form or another. I have come to find myself caring about people I've never met, and never will meet. I worry when they have problems, and I rejoice in their joys. But this pissy, crybaby junior high school wah, wah, wah shit is OLD. Don't make me take you out of my favorites. Hah. Like that even matters. For every person like me who hates to read bullshit crybaby posts, there are three more who THRIVE on it, and will tune in daily for the next chapter of AS THE STOMACH CHURNS. Puh-leeze. I have gone to great lengths to cut the REAL dramas out of my world. I don't want to read imaginary dramas just for fun. Damn. Grow up.

I am now getting off the soapbox and putting it away for another day. That is all.

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