Friday, February 10, 2006


Yeah, so I'm bad. Don't talk to me. I'm sitting in the corner.

I took the afternoon off yesterday.

My bestest buddy, The Chef, was in town. (She's not a chef anymore, so I have to find a new name for her) She's been kind of funk-u-lated lately, and hasn't been in touch much. (With much of anything, by her own admission) In town, she was, for a job interview.

Back in 'the day', we'd take the day off and run around, 'dicking around' she calls it, just doing 'stuff'. Nothing in particular. So we dicked around yesterday. She had two guitars and two amps she wanted to trade in for some new stuff, so that was the only thing solid on the dicking around agenda.

I met her at noon thirty by my office, and we proceeded to the local microbrewery for lunch. It was a lovely long drawn out affair, with soup and salad and stories of her latest weirdness (lots of that), and we finished off with 'dessert' of the famous chocolate cherry stout. I turned up my nose at this beer at first "eww..." but tried one just to be a trouper. (The whole beers you can chew thing is lost on me.) To my delight, it was very good. I wouldn't want to spend an evening hosing down a bunch of chocolate cherry stouts, but as an after dinner/dessert drink, it was pleasing. We had a very cheery waitress (a dead on ringer for Mya from Just Shoot Me, just thinner) named Dawn, whose 30th birthday was yesterday. She informed us she was buying a tiara that afternoon, because one needs a tiara to properly celebrate a birthday. You have to love someone who wants a tiara. We tipped her hugely, and I gave her a blues CD of local artists that I just happened to have in my bag. She squealed (really, no shit, SQUEALED) and gave me the biggest hug. That was very cool.

After all that, we made our way to the music store. My Lord! I had no idea!! I was totally out of my element, since I'm not musically inclined at all, except singing in the shower. Hot men, loud music, and musical instruments. Oh my. Chef took TWO HOURS deciding what she should get, and all the various processes involved with selling used equipment. She ended up keeping one of the two guitars, and buying a second one, then keeping one of the two amps, and buying a second one. Weirdness. My attention span was seriously compromised here. I went next door to the bookstore, came back and stood around. Then meanadered down to the Hallmark store. Looked around, came back. The guy who was waiting on her (beefy long haired Indian saw me come in second time, and told me that we're almost done. Thank GOD! Finally after all was said and done, she gave them a check, and it wouldn't clear. Three hearts dropped (Hers, mine and the salesmens) Sooo she used her credit card, and everything was happy again. CHEER!

We then went to the Salvation Army store and shopped for clothes. Obbie called to check on the dicking around progress, and we decided to meet for beers. We all adjourned at the new favorite pub for some yummy Czech beer and much conversation. By then it was sevenish, and we all headed to our respective homes.

A good day was had by all and I look forward to Chef's progress back into the world of 'real' people, and us renewing our friendship. I kinda miss her.

Like A LOT.

Oh, and she had a comment to add about the Grammys re: Jay-Z and Paul McCartney...."Oh dear God, that was like watching milk curdle!!" Now you know why I love her so.

The weather scare forcasters are rolling the dice and saying we're to have a 'major snow event' this weekend. Oh joy!! Well, not so much, really, but it's a good reason to stay shacked in and work on beadwork and watch movies.

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