Monday, January 23, 2006


So how 'bout them STEELERS?! Hah. There was very little screaming over this one, at least in the bad calls and turnovers.

They came.
They saw.

They kicked some Bronco ass.

Bring on the Seahawks.

Super Bowl party anyone?

Obbie & I ran around on Saturday, and I was treated to the spectacle that is Costco. Can't say I'm that impressed, but we did get a hunk of gorgonzola cheese that is as big as my head. Big fun. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we hit the new Salvation Army store, and I scored a new outfit for a whopping $4.48. Love that. We started the day off at the flea market, doing market research (heh, flea market research that is) I pondered (out loud) starting a bead store there, but even though it's pretty cheap ($70 a month) a years lease is required, and frankly, that is a lot of Saturdays spent observing the great unwashed. I do so hate to have my Saturdays infringed upon. Perhaps I'll stick to the original plan of craft shows and online sales.

And then we're back to Monday. Obbie is feeling poorly. And God knows there are very few things that are worse than having a sick man in the house. I left him alone to sleep this morning, and left without the usual pleasantries (As pleasant as I can get at 7:00 am) I had enough of his moaning and grumbling early this morning (3 am, ahem) Hopefully it'll be the 24 hour kind of grunge, and he'll be back to his usual self later.

And we're OFF!!

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