Friday, January 20, 2006

Finally Friday

Oh thank the Gods it's finally Friday!

No, I don't have anything in particular to do this weekend (besides scare Obbie while rooting for the Steelers) but it's just going to be nice to chill, knowing that I don't have to be at work with The King of All Grumps. I think I'll make some crab stuffed mushrooms and maybe some wings for the ball game. (Why do we eat during football games?)

I've written and deleted several comments about HNT. I'm on the cusp with participating in the future. Thanks to those who commented. I feel so much better now. MUCH, MUCH better, matter of fact.

It's been a bad week in my blog reading world too. I've deleted several people due to inactivity and general bullshit. Also several long time bloggers have hung it up. To most of them, I say, don't go, please. There is a whole lot of drek out here, and jewels are rare among the shit. I'll miss them and their insights. For every good blogger that leaves, there are three others that spell cool as 'kewl' and use Z's instead of S's...that goes through me like a knife.

Now I've just gone and started grumbling. So I'll end this one for now. Maybe later when I'm in a better frame o' mind, I'll come back and rewrite this.

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