Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Answer and Some Other Trivial Stuff

Oh you guys. Of COURSE it was C!! You know me so well. Or at least have read enough to know of my smart-assery.

Poor Obbie. He laughed til he couldn't breathe. I haven't seen him laugh quite like that since I did my rendition of Ina Gadda Da Vita as done by Zamfir the Pan Flute virtuoso. (That was on a ride back from Philly, and we were both highly caffeinated. Truly you had to be there. I honestly thought he was going to drive us into a ditch, he was laughing so hard.) Anyway, so y'all who picked C won the big prize. A lifetime supply of AIR! Thats right! AIR! Gotta have it. Can't live without it.

Onward thru the fog.

I listen to a better than average radio station, (XPN out of Philadelphia, public radio thats all music, it's online, check it out) They've introduced me to some great music that I wouldn't have found on my on. K.T. Tunstal is on my list these days, as well as Matisyahu (Say it: Madis Yahoo) Get this, he is a Hasidic Reggae Rapper. No kidding. I don't much care for rap, but his is something else. The tunage is very energic, and he is just phenomenal. Check him out. Seriously. Y'all know I don't recommend much, but he's worth it. 'Live at Stubbs' is one rockin' disc. King Without A Crown is a song thats been released, and it's on MTV (Who actually watches MTV anymore?) Just take a listen for yourself.

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