Friday, December 16, 2005

Whot IS it?

So in our trip to Philly, Obbie saw this thing. So wild, so bizarre, so out of the norm, that he HAD to have one. We're cooking it this weekend.

What is it?

Well, by Gawd, it's an honest to goodness TURDUCKEN. Ever have one? Ever wanted to have one?
I'd seen them on television (food network junkie that I am) but I'd never ventured down that road. I'd seen them online, for a mere $79.99, you can have one shipped to your door. I felt that was a tad extravagent for just something goofy I never ate before, so my turducken dreams were shelved. But the first time we went to Philadelphia, we were in a meat market, and they were selling two sizes of turduckens. The small one was 19.99. Well hell. Thats reasonable. Obbie said that he's spent way more money for less entertainment. So last weekend, we ventured back to the meat market and obtained a little turducken. Our little fowl(s) came with no cooking instructions, but I figured we'll cook him/them just like we'd cook a stuffed turkey. Because, after all, he's a stuffed turkey. Stuffed with a duck...stuffed with a chicken.

We've laid in the proper alcoholic supplies, and various side dishes, so we're having a Turducken party Saturday night. If you're in the area and would like to stop in, please do. Email me and I'll give you directions. The more the merrier. If you can't make it, it's being blogged, with pictures and everything.

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