Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Just the bestest thing EVAH!

Being a gadget whore has it good points, and it's bad points. Bad points being that eventually you run out of room for all your gadgets, and every once in awhile (like every third toy) you get a clinker.

This one ISN'T a clinker. This little guy is perhaps one of the BEST tools anyone could ever have in a kitchen. Especially in baking season. I use mine all year round. It's just great.

I give you:


"The Perfect Beaker will quickly become the most important item in your kitchen. It features six measurements: cups, fluid ounces, pints, teaspoons, tablespoons and millimeter/cubic centimeter. Quickly measure combined quantities. An absolute must for every bread machine user, cook and home baker. The narrow base ensures accurate measurements even for small quantities, liquid or dry. The Perfect Beaker is scientifically calibrated."

I bought one several years ago at a Pampered Chef party (possibly the least expensive thing in the whole book) and fell madly in love with it. I soon found them in the local kitchen store and bought several for gifts. The first one met with a sad fate after I slammed a cupboard door on it (me? Slam a door? HA) After all it is plastic. Anyway, go out and get one. Or two. I highly recommend them. They have everything you need measurement wise right there in nice big letters. Awesome.

And there's your tip o' the day from Auntie Ames the kitchen/shopping maven.

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