Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hack Nekkid Thursday

I debated whether I should take a picture of my honking red nose, my luscious Vicks covered chest, or me under a bunch of quilts with the Kleenex box on my chest. In the interest of public safety, I decided on the above image. I'm gonna KILL Obbie. I rarely get sick. Let alone sick in December.
How much Vitamin C and garlic can one person take?

In other news, Pete bullied the kittens out of the way for breakfast this morning, but he's not 100%. Close but not quite. He's under observation. We bought a new frame for the futon and assembled that last night. Given that we both are sick, it sounded like two asthmatic coal miners setting up the damn thing.

Can't wait for work to be done today so I can come back and snork in peace.

Happy Hack Nekkid Thursday y'all. Next week it won't be a sick one. (not cold related anyhow)

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