Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Flame On

So Obbie is driving home tonight. We're chatting and he says, "Hey wait a sec. Theres fire on the road up ahead. What tha??" "Wow that was weird" "what dear?" "There was a fire on the road. Like a campfire or something...hey, wow..theres more. Holy shit! There's a car and it's on fire too, damn let me call you back."

So I wait about 20 minutes, and he calls back. Some old guy ran over a mattress ten or so miles back, then got on the highway. Apparently (!!) he wasn't aware the mattress was caught under the car, and was burning and leaving a firey path of matress and assorted car parts from the other side of Harrisburg over the bridge. After Obbie stopped, two volunteer firemen stopped too, and put out the fire that had now engulfed the back half of the car. Obbie asks the old gentleman if he's okay. The old guy replied, "Yeah, I'm fine, but I gotta piss. I got prostate problems you know..."

File this under "More Reasons We Don't Do Acid Anymore." Too freaking strange. Just too strange.

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