Friday, December 23, 2005

Fa La La La La La Laaa Laaa Laaaaaaa!

Today work sends us home at three. Why three, I'll never know, it's not like anyone is doing anything much anyway. I'm catching up on some filing, and answering the one or two phone calls we'll get.

The tree is up, but not trimmed. There was an equipment malfunction with the cheap tin tree stand that I've had for YEARS, so in a fit of pique, I drove down to Lowe's for a new one. The bargain gods are still on my side, as Lowe's has all their holiday goo for half off. Oh yeah, my FAVORITE! So I have THE ULTIMATE TREE STAND for my Charlie Brown tree. Hah. It is still standing this morning, the beastie boys didn't scale it and bring it down overnight. Thats always promising.

What is it about angst and this time of year? Obbie's work partner is freaking out, over job related (unnecessary) shit. Their client is freaking out about things that don't even need to be thought over twice, let alone freaked out about. The Depressed Chef is more depressed than ever and has requested beer for her Christmas gift. Um...that would make me an enabler, and I did that for a long, long time. (I relinquished that role back in '01 when Drunk Brook made his hasty retreat into the arms of the trailer trash skank.) So I will make it a point to see da Chef after the holiday, so I can get her something other than beer. It'd make me feel better, anyway. I have no angst. Well, not much anyway. I've shopped, I've baked, I've treed. I am harboring good feelings towards my fellow man (because I don't have to go to the mall!!) Tonight I'm baking more cookies (watch the mail next week out of town buddies) trimming the tree, cleaning cat boxes, wrapping some gifts, and making a necklace for Mom and a bracelet for her houseguest. To use a phrase I HATE, It's All Good.

Even the office gift exchange was painless. Everything went the way I expected it to. I bought a gift in case things were different, but they weren't, so I can always use another bottle of good wine in the house.

I ran into one of my PT guys this morning. He's just the cutest. I miss that crew so much. After all the financial FUBARS are out of the way, I'm going to start going back for the wellness program they offer. I kind of miss my 3x weekly workouts, and I do believe that the whole workout thing worked well on my shitty attitude. I'm more shitty when I'm not working out. Imagine that. I do have some lofty weight loss goals as well, but I'm not going into them on here. This isn't going to be a weight loss blog.

I had a big laugh last night that wasn't Christmas related. It seems that this columnist who 'writes' for The Newspaper, covering the alleged local nightlife was less than complimentary about a new pub that opened over in the big city. She was very snide in her article, and dismissive of the whole establishment. To the point of making some statement about the name of the place being hard to pronounce and basically saying "Whatever" when it came to the proper pronouciation of the name. (Obbie and I shared our dismay over the article when it came out. It's one thing to not like a place, but to be rude about it is very unprofessional) The owners of the establishment didn't take kindly to the article, and wrote a scathing letter to the editor, which appeared in last night's paper. It was BEAUTIFUL. Obbie and I both howled while we read it, and decided that we're patronizing this place just to high five them for their letter. (And the fact they're an Irish pub with all kinds of goodies on tap, and it's a beautiful pub to boot) Apparently their business is booming because so many people read the article and disagreed with the 'writer', so they're coming in droves to check the place out. I love it. We'll wait til after the holiday madness dies down to visit, and to shake the hand of the letter writer.

I think I've pretty much covered everything this morning. Vented my spleen as it were. I cannot wait for the 'early out' we're having today.

If I don't post anymore until after Christmas, everyone have a great and safe Holiday!

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