Tuesday, December 20, 2005


The great CHRISTMAS cookie and candy machine has started cranking out goodies.

To date there are:

Chocolate Almond Spritz cookies
Chocolate Crackles
Tiger Butter
Oreo Balls

And one more kind of candy left (peppermint bark) and several kinds of cookies.

Spritz cookies weren't on my list, but Obbie brought an electric cookie gun from his mom's stuff, so being the gadget-whore I am, I HAD to try it out. Pretty dang cool, I must say. It gives me all kinds of ideas what ELSE can be made using the electric cookie press. Besides cheese straws (oooh...cheese straws....) But that is for later, after I get the CHRISTMAS cookie madness out of the way.

Last year I probably told you about why I do cookies. Since there are 8 regular readers now, up from 4, I'll tell you again. My Mom used to make TONS of cookies. Many different and unusual kinds, not just the usual sugar cookies, but all kinds of different things. Then she'd make up plates and fancy them up with bows and ribbon and deliver to all kinds of people in our little 'burg. Milkman, mailman, paperboys, the guy at the gas station, the mechanic, and on and on. It seems that she was making cookies forever and delivering them in her big Concourse Estate wagon (remember them? Ours had the woodgrain sides) So when I was a happy hippie living in the 'big city' I started making cookies for my friends. And the list grew. I always set out with good intentions, but I never cookie every single person I want to. And that bums me out, but theres only so much I can do, right? Yeah, thats it...

So I'm waiting for the next batch of spritz to be ready while I blog this. Theres sugar dough chilling in the fridge for the rolled sugar cookies (with chocolate icing) but it's likely they'll be done tomorrow instead.

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