Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Say what?

Cats. Spend more money on Barney last night. It's the price I pay to be nice.

Beads. Gotta make more jewelry for the upcoming show.

Litterboxes. All clean and spanky for everyone's elimination pleasure. Poop on, kitties.

Chicken. All done and put in the freezer. 44 bags full of chicken tenders. The freezer is officially fu
ll. Had to move Bertha's body to put in the chicken.


Yes, I had to move Bertha's body to put in the 44 bags of chicken. Don't worry, she's all bundled up nice. Wrapped in a towel. Then thrice wrapped in plastic grocery bags. Then wrapped in a big trash bag. Not to worry. No cat carcass germs in this freezer. Don't look at me like that. The vet told me it was okay to keep her like that until I can get her creamated.

Fear not. It'll be before Thanksgiving. Sheesh. Ya buncha weenies.

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