Monday, November 21, 2005


Yep. That'll learn me. See if I ever take another spontaneous day off. Jebus Cripes. I'm dyin' heah!

Mail, invoices, more mail, some typing, a couple more invoices.

All before lunch! But thats okay. It makes the day go fast.

Weekend recap:

Friday night, Obbie and I went to Fast Eddies. Since Tony was there, he was cooking, so we ordered some wings, and proceeded to inhale a mess of wings at the bar. I keep thinking we looked to ravenous wolverines tearing into the wings and fries. I guess several Rolling Rocks and Yuenglings help too.

Saturday we did errands. We clumped out the door early, and low and behold, sitting in my garden, drinking out of the grasshopper stew water was a possum. He looked as surprised as we did, but we didn't scare him away. Figured perhaps he was sick, what with being out in the morning, but wasn't acting vicious or anything. (Grasshopper stew water: Water mixed with molasses that I put out in a coffee can in the summer to drown the 'hoppers who come to eat my tomatoes. I'm a lazy cow and haven't dumped the can yet) He was gone when we got back, which was good, because dealing with animal control would have totally blown my day. Obbie says perhaps the 'possum heard that my place takes in wild animals. Uh...NO!

In our travels, we went to a Mexican grocery. Y'see, I'm in search of Mexican vanilla, and I don't want to have to order another bottle off eBay. So I'm looking for some. Mexican groceries are very interesting places. But this one didn't have any vanilla. Some weird creamy looking yellow liquer with a bull on the bottle, marked 'vanilla' flavor. It kinda scared me, so I didn't buy it. (I did consider it, though, the price tag was .17....)

Penn State won, and now are BCS champs with Ohio State. Which is a major crock of shit in my book because PSU beat OSU early on. But hey, who am I to say? Fair weather fan and all of that.

Sunday? Nada. Lounge lizards. I made some carne asada while Obbie was at the office, and hung out. Couch time, and beadwork. So what else is new on a Sunday?

And back we are to square one again. This week will be interesting with the Thanksgiving preparations. Stay tuned.

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