Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Because I can't be pissypants ALL day...

I offer you up these happy little nuggets of joy.

(1) The vet's office called and Barney is ready to come home. No splint. The doc feels he'll do okay without the splint, but he's still on confinement. "Increase exercise periods" hahahahahahaa...yeah okay. $39.00 please.

(2) The fuel oil tank is FULL. They came yesterday and could only get 125 gallons in. Yay. So now I have a big credit with them. Let it snow, bitches.

(3) Got a nice letter from the physical therapy place who helped me bend my knee again. It seems that the bastards at Blue Cross and Blue Shield kinda screwed the pooch multiple times in processing my claim. Because they're idiots, and the office manager at the PT place is relentless, the $1956.58 cents I used to owe them is now whittled down to $29.00. Yeah, baby. Rock on! I'm going to hike up the mountain near my house in celebration. I'm even going to call the office manager and tell her that she's a fine person. I'll call her after I'm done being hormonal. This weeping business is getting kind of old. (Goddam "Biggest Loser" anyway, I'm sick of watching that show and ending up in tears. "Earl" was good though. I'll forgive him for making me miss some of the Las Vegas show)

So there. I'm done being a pissypants for today. Maybe tonight I can sleep with some covers on (Obbie=cover stealer) and I'll be in a much better frame of mind tomorrow. Still broke, but hey, what the hell, it's only money, right?

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