Wednesday, November 30, 2005


So it was a normal evening at the Groundhog Ranch. By the time I had gotten home, Obbie had started a nice dinner for us. (Pierogies and meatballs..yum) And after my post work snit, (which I've been having with regularity lately) We sat down and ate a leisurely meal. I was checking out the local newspaper, one of those throw away jobbies that lists local events and auctions (a highlight of my week, let me tell you) I spied a little bitty 'article' about a craft show thats coming to a town a few miles away.

It's an annual event, sponsored by the radio station down there, and is in a BIG hall. (Expo Center to be exact) December 11. Two weeks (almost) away.

"OOOOH! Honey! Look!" I cried. "A BIG show with spaces still available!" Ob says, "Why don't you check online and see what the fee is?" (Obbie is a good man. He could have jumped across the kitchen table, grabbed me, wrestled the paper out of my hand and screamed, "ARE YOU MAD, WOMAN? WE SAT IN A GODDAM FIRE HALL FOR 6 HOURS LAST WEEK! I REFUSE TO DO IT AGAIN!" But he didn't.)

I brought up the website and found the application. EEP! 90 bucks!! Hmmm....."Obs, whaddya think?"
"Well thats a bunch of money you know..."

"Yes it is but, it's a Sunday show. And it's being promoted on the radio. And it's established. And. And. And....sooner or later, we're going to hit the big one. But we aren't going to know unless we keep trying. But yeah, ninety bucks is a shitload of money right now."

So you see. Here we are again. 90 bucks. Spend it on the show, bead my little fingers to the nubbins for two weeks (I'm over that part, it ain't no biggie anymore) and MAYBE have a great show or keep the 90 bucks and spend it on Christmas.


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