Friday, November 25, 2005


Everything went off without a hitch. Mostly, anyway.

I was up at five am to get things started, cleaned the dining room using the box method. Everything on the table went into a big box, which was then safely stored away from company eyes. (I use the dining room as my 'office', and the table was covered with papers, beads, catalogues, computer stuff, notes, get the idea) Obbie took one for the team by vacuuming and 'dusting' the dining room after the debris was removed. Poor guy is allergic to cats. At some point he had to go outside and breathe some real air and regroup. He also kept up with the dishes during the course of the cooking. He's the Thanksgiving hero. During all that I cleaned the aquarium. It was my gift to the fish, who have been swimming in murky waters for a fairly long time now. I'm all for preparing as many food dishes as one can ahead of time, so the rest of the house can be cleaned. I'm kind of impressed that it went as smoothly as it did, what with us doing barely any house cleaning earlier this week.

Mom came EARLY, and was all in a tizzy about this meat she brought me. She was convinced it was going to thaw and go bad. In my house. In November. Uh. Okay. I was going to get ice when she pulled in the driveway. I told her where I was going and she proceeded to inform me that ice would melt the meat. (silly me, here I've been using ice in coolers for years) So a loud discussion ensued, with Obbie happily volunteering to make a run for ice. By happily, I mean he nearly knocked over the hall table in his haste to get out of the line of fire between Mom and I.

She was reather full of herself when she arrived. Within the first hour of being there she informed me that 'it's much nicer to go to a restaurant for Thanksgiving, but I guess this is fun too'. She also said to the gentlemn she brought, "Can I take you coat, or would you like to keep it on? I'm keeping mine on, since it's so cold in here." Why? Why does she dig at me?!! She and her guest then stood around in the kitchen while I tried to finish up cooking the meal. By this time, Obbie was back with ice, and had headed towards the beer. The other two guests arrived, so EVERYONE stood around the kitchen while I hustled around. Finally, after moving Wally from in front of the stove for the third time, I invited everyone into the dining room for snacks. (Mom was in charge of snacks) The three of them ate pickles, olives, carrots, celery, dip and cheese and crackers at an alarming rate. I would have not been surprised if none would have been able to eat their dinner for all the snacks they scarfed down.

The turkey was good, the stuffing very good. The sweet potatoes recieved rave reviews. The green beans were okay, the carrots didn't even get cooked, and the mashed potatoes were wonderful. All in all, it was a great damn meal if I do say so myself. Wally and Mr. B carried on very interesting discussions OVER my Mother's attempts at butting in. Once she calmed down and quit showing off, everyone could carry on a reasonable normal discussion without her interjecting dumb comments. It was a nice mix of interesting people. Too bad for her, the pecan pie I made was very well received, but everyone had a 'small' piece of her pumpkin pie, and a big ole slab of pecan. Hey, I can't help it! I need to work on that pecan pie, I think the recipe was okay, but it needed to be chilled as opposed to being served warm.

Wally, Mr. B, and Mom left around 6:30, and Poole, Obbie and I started partying in earnest. By that time, however, I had been on my feet for the better part of 12 hours, so I was working on being dead. Poole entertained up with this thing this Dad used to do: Balance a dime on the crossbar of a wire coathanger, then spin it, and then stop it. With anyone else I'd cry bullshit, but not with him. Obbie found a dime and a coathanger, and requested a demonstration. He did it too. All but the stopping it and not losing the dime. Hell, I was just impressed he could balance the dime on the coathanger in the first place.

Of course, my camera's batteries crapped out on Thursday morning, so there is not photographic evidence, but I'll get batteries today somewhere not mall related, and take a pic of the table. I guess we'll keep it like this for awhile longer, just because we can.

Have a great day after Thanksgiving, I'm going to an auction to check out a couple things, but NOWHERE near ANY bloody shopping malls. Fark Dat. Online shopping has kept me from having an ulcer!

Oooh...and turkey sammichs for dinner tonight! YUM YUM YUUUUMMMMMMY

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