Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fall has fallen

After all that posting (Me, me, me, I, I, I) yesterday, I've not got much for today's blog. Last night was happily non eventful, with no company, and no phone calls. I started cleaning off the kitchen table, which has become the mail repository as of late. Lots of medical bills still coming in from the great knee debacle back in February/March. I'm not sure what I'm paying 400 bucks a month for, insurance wise, if I'm being told I have to pay all these bills now. Weird. Sorry to say, the medical bills get shuffled to the bottom of the pile. I already have marginal credit, and what are they going to do? Come dislocate my knee again? I think not. So they can get in line behind the other ones.

I pulled all but one of the tomato plants. There are four pepper plants left who might just be kind of happy now that they'll get all the sun they need. Perhaps there may be hot peppers in my future after all. We'll see. It's my last garden experiment before I put it to bed for the winter. The last phases will be to compost and fertilize the hell out of the garden. I'm also on the big search for organic grasshopper killer, so I can get the eggs before they hatch. Naturally I lost the catalogue with that in it, so I have to start over. Oh well, if it was easy, I wouldn't know how to act.

Beads, beads, beads. Another thing I'm attempting to do is get the beads organized. I'd probably be able to get more things made if I didn't have to dick around searching for parts all the time. Also, a box for sundry supplies for craft shows (labels, tableclothes, note pads, pens, etc) need to be reorganized. The box room aka the laundry room is a hateful display of shipping boxes for eBay, and cast off stuff I have no use for. That needs cleaned out too.

I'm amused that I have all these high ambitions until I get home, and they go directly to hell. Oh well. One thing at a time.

Maybe I'll get organized one day....

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