Friday, October 28, 2005


A month or so ago, a couple of kittens showed up at the house. Both were scared and would only come out to eat. As time has passed, the one, Barney, has warmed up immensly, and has become quite the little sweetie. His brother, Max, is also sweet, but he's more skittish. He'll let you pet him if you're feeding him.

These two little guys have become a fixture in the little barn behind my house. They sit on the back step and Obbie and I go out and play with them and feed them. They're nice kittens, and my hope was to get them both tame enough to capture, take to the vet, get them neutered and shots and bring them inside.

On Wednesday, after I got back from a useless mission into the city, Obbie was waiting for me. "I fed the boys, but Barney was no where to be found. I called for him, and he never came." That wasn't good. I always fear for the outside cats because of foxes, raccoons and cars. I went out back, and Max was there, but no Barney. I thought perhaps he was up at the neighbors or something, and went to bed worried, but not freaked.

Yesterday morning, I went to feed them, but only Max was there. I started to get a little more worried. Barney was in the back of my mind all day, and I went directly to the back porch when I got home. Still no sign of him, but Max was skitzing all around my feet, meowing and yipping. I stood there awhile longer trying to pet him. Then I heard a tiny little meow coming from the South Side of the property. I looked over and the weeds were rustling. As I got closer, I saw Barney along the fence line. As soon as I got close to him he started to meow to me. At first I thought he was stuck, so I went around the other side of the fence to 'unstick' him. Thats when I saw that his hind leg was just dragging along behind him.

I did not freak out. I scooped him up and carried him up to the porch, and held him in my lap while I petted him, and tried to get him warm. As I regrouped, I knew I had to get him to a vet. The leg was obviously broken, or at least yanked out of the socket and that isn't anything I can fix. So I went over to Mulie and told him the deal, he came over and checked him out and told me to go to his vet, and to just walk in. They'd take care of him.

As I'm trundling Barney in the cat carrier, in come Obbie. "Barney came back and his leg is broken and we're going to vets right now!" He did an about face and loaded the carrier into the truck.

Long story bearable, the vet looked him over (after saying what a nice cat he is) and decided to keep him overnight for X-rays. She said it looked like he just got 'winged' by a car, and showed me where his little foot was all black and scuffed from the road. She said she'd call me.

Later (what seemed like DAYS later) she called. The feline leukemia test is negative (yay) and the long bone in the leg is NOT broken. However, his tail is broken right at the top of the pelvis, and that could possibly have damaged the nerves and muscles. If it has affected his ability to pee and poop, he'll have to be put down. Also, she thinks maybe the ligaments and muscles have been possibly torn and that may require extensive PRICEY orthopedic surgery. (Deja vu kitty style) but she's going to put him in a splint to see if perhaps that might do for a temporary thing. But if he dosen't pee or poop in the next day or so, thats it.

So, thats where we are with the Barney situation. Obbie woke up this morning and said, "I never in my life thought that I'd be thinking about a cat first thing in the morning" (Good old Ob, never had cats, so he's learning things) I'm worried sick. On one hand, I'd like him to be okay, and only have to need surgery or be a little crippy compared to other cats. But on the other hand, I'm not one to have a grand laying around for cat surgery (hell, I'm not even paid up on the medical bills for MY knee yet) So I don't know. Damned if I do, and damned if I don't I guess. Poor Barney. And poor Max! He's lonesome without his brother. Either way, I'm adding a cat or two to my household.

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