Friday, May 13, 2005

The Doyle

This is where I spent my evening last night. The Doyle Hotel

Fondly referred to as The Doyle, the Doyle Hotel is a stop for many the weary soul along the Applachian Trail. They serve great food, and icy beer. Also at The Doyle, Thursdays and Saturdays there is live music, with local performers stopping by to jam.

The Doyle is a beautiful old building. Well, it will be beautiful. A hundred years old, it does have it's warts, but the new owners are working on it. It fell into disrepair for some time, but is coming around. In the small bar, the ceiling is copper colored pressed tin. It's just a nice comfy place to sit down, chill out, have a beer and chat with people.

The hikers from the AT flock there, mainly because the rooms are cheap, the food good and the beer cold. Plus they offer services for hikers, like food drops and internet service. It's got a real good vibe.

In 2002, my Uncle Steve sat there and interviewed hundreds of hikers. He took pictures, and listened while they told stories. He compiled these stories and photos into a book that has been forwarded to the AT honchos. We are all hoping that it will be published.

Quick side note, Uncle Steve is an honorary Uncle. He and my Dad were best friends in college, and Steve has known me since I was tiny. He's a brilliant man. He tells great jokes, spins fantastic yarns, is beyond generous, and glories in his research and knowledge Duncannon. He's kind of a cross between Santa Claus and a demented leprachuan. I love him to death. It breaks my heart to hang out with him because he misses my Dad even more than I do.

Last night's entertainment was Mark and Sue. I know Mark, he's also a friend of Uncle Steve, and reside computer genius, Viet Nam Vet, handyman, guitar fixer and all around swell guy. Sue and Mark played guitars, played harmonicas and did fan-damn-tastic covers of all kinds of my favorite tunes. If it wasn't a 20 mile drive home, I could have spent way more time sitting there drinking beer.

I met two AT hikers last night as well. One, Jeremy ("Jeremy, whats your trail name?" "Just Jeremy") and The Professor. They were awfully sweet young guys, who had served their four years in the Marines and were hiking the trail now. Rock on, dudes. They were going North to South, as opposed to the other way. Just Jeremy was from Tenneessee and looked like a non-addled version of Pauly Shore. He was very well spoken, intelligent and polite. And pretty damn cute. The Professor was feeling poorly, and wasn't around very long. It was pleasant talking to them, and I wish them well on their trek. Vickie took their pictures, so before long, they'll be on the Doyle website.

All in all, it was a fine evening, and I can't wait to do it again.

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