Sunday, April 24, 2005

Whaddya Think, You're Made of Money

Wasn't THAT just a lovely way to piss away a morning, and a couple bucks?!

Gotta love an auction. Where else can you people watch, eat good food, and buy cheap stuff? Besides the hated Wal Mart that is?

For four hours yesterday, I lounged around in my chair and took in the sights and sounds of the sale.

I figured it was going to be 'One of THOSE sales' when the third item up for bid was a box of 1950's road maps, and I won it.

Oh baby, was it one of THOSE sales. I'm glad theres eBay to offset my insanity. And I'm still debating on whether it's a blessing or a curse that I drive a station wagon (voluntarily).

I brought home:

2 old platters (one is chipped, but beautiful, it's a keeper) One goes to eBay.

The box of aforementioned road maps. (About 40) Most to eBay.

A teapot from the Royal Canadian Art Pottery Company. Keeper. Paint chipped. Eh. $2.

2 Carnival Glass Vases (for eBay, because C.Glass sells well)

A black stool (free! The guy next to me bought it for a buck, and left it behind)

A mahogney table (2 bucks, nothing wrong with it. I'll use it for awhile then sell it.)

A footstool (2 bucks, again, nothing wrong with it, I'll recover it and sell it.)

And I even left before the box lots started. Imagine that. The auction people weren't very organized, but I have a feeling they were blindsided when they arrived that morning. I've never been to a sale where the box lots went last. Just as well. I carted enough stuff home as it was. As for the few things I saw in the box lots, I couldn't justify another 45 minutes. My feet were freezing as it was. I didn't think it was going to be a two pair of sock day. Brrr.

I also met my Mom for dinner and shopping. It was the first shopping excursion since the knee bung. She's a marathon shopper, and even when I was 100%, I didn't have the patience, and spent a fair amount of time standing around and sighing. I did a lot of sighing this trip as well. She bought a lime green raincoat, and spent the rest of the afternoon finding the right hat to go with. I'm pleased to report she found the perfect hat. I'm distressed to report the hat was found about 20 yards from where the raincoat was found, but it took 4 hours to get back to that spot. SIGH. But it was a good afternoon. She wants to buy me clothes on these forays, and really, who am I to argue? She bought me 2 shirts and a pair of funky shoes. I'll post a pic of the shoes later. Think Fast Times at Ridgemont High...the checkered Vans that Spicoli wore? Yeah baby, but hot pink and black. HA! They're a treat, let me tell you. I might have to wear them to work just for reactionary purposes.

And that is Saturday in a nutshell. In light of my spree yesterday, I'm not flea marketing this morning. I am finishing off half a pot of very high test good coffee (with evaporated milk, because I'm too spacy to remember to buy half and half) It's gray and chilly, and might be a fine day to just fart around the house.

Happy Sunday!

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