Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sunny Sunday

I sure like nice weekends. Especially a sunny Sunday. Somthing pleases me more than a nice cup of coffee, a couple newspapers, and the rest of the day to fart around outside.

I've already done a fair amount of farting around outside today. I visted the flea market this morning, and bought a half flat of strawberries. Thats 6 pints. They're beautiful berries too. Even in my pious 'local produce only' mindset. Girls gotta have berries. It's Spring. I came home and started working in the yard. Pine cones and most debris from the front lawn has been deposited in the burn barrel for a burn next week. The garden has been raked, and a bag of compost and a bag of topsoil added. Take THAT bum knee. My down comforter is out in the sun now, airing out. The bed is stripped, and the vacuum has been run upstairs. I'll run the vac downstairs as well, and mop the kitchen floor. I've found a quick, mostly painless strawberry jam recipe, and perhaps later this afternoon, I'll whip up a batch of that. Yummy.

Have a nice, relaxing Sunday!

Carry on!

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