Monday, April 25, 2005


I had heard about the movie 'Sideways'. How it was funny. How it was a good story. So I got it from Netflix.

I watched it yesterday.

I really tried to like this movie. Really I did.

What a crappy movie! It's been a long, long time since I've seen a flick that has two such unlikeable leading men. Gawd. It was so tedious that I paused it halfway thru, and did chores.

The premise is this: Two men go on a week long vacation in wine country. The 'bad guy' buddy is an actor who is getting married in a week, and has decided this will be his last hurrah as a single guy. The 'good guy' is a morose, Xanax taking, wine snob-wanna be writer, who is still depressed over his divorce. I'm still waiting for the funny part. The soon to be married guy has decided that they're both going to get laid on this trip. Hilarity ensues. Or not.

The two women co-stars are a million times better than the two men. At least they have some personality. Wine snobs drive me nuts anyway, and the many scenes where the men are tasting wine are just tedious. No. Worse than tedious. Help me out here. Just drink the shit for gawds sakes. The scenery is nice. But also I know now that I'm not going to wine country because it's like Disneyland with polyester clad tourists being shuttled around to wineries (vineyards?) in purple colored vans and busses. I'll stick to the local PA wineries, thank you.

Virginia Madsen does give a wonderful speech about why she's a wine person. THAT was the highlight of the movie. There was one more, but it'll give the storyline away, so I won't go into it. Lets just say that cads always get theirs.

I can't wait to get the thing from Netflix that says 'Rate this movie' No problem...Pure sucko. 1 star and that is only because of the two women. Otherwise it would have gotten no stars. Blech.

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