Sunday, April 17, 2005

Healed? Not.

So very little to report from the Groundhog Ranch this fine chilly spring weekend.

With a heavy heart, I returned the Shark yesterday. I lingered long in the vacuum section at Lowe's wondering if I should get another Shark, and keep it upstairs, or would that just be dumb.

After that I went to the garden department, and started walking around. But one of those immense waves of sadness overtook me. This time of year, my Dad and I always went to Lowe's for plants and garden stuff. I just wandered out of there, and sat in my car for awhile. Then drove around. I was just a little lost for the rest of the day.

I dreamed about Dad last night too. He wasn't dead, and I was trying to give him back all his stuff so he wouldn't have nothing at all in his house. He told me not to worry about it. He'd get more stuff. So I woke up all happy because he wasn't dead. Until I realized it was just a dream.

Apparently the hole in my heart hasn't healed as well as my knee.

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