Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Curb your kids

I like kids. Mostly. They're interesting to talk to, and give quite a unique perspective on things.

But for the love of God, keep them under control in the grocery store! Today at lunch, I was crafting a beautiful salad, but all the while, a child about 4 or 5 is scurrying around my feet at the salad bar. "Mom! Mom!" "Mom! Mom! I want this!!" Mom didn't seem like she was giving two shits about Junior wanting anything, let alone the fact that he was in great peril to be trod upon by adults. If Junior would have gotten stepped on, you bet she would have been right there, up in the trod-er's face squawking about 'watching where you're going, you stepped on my precious son!'

I got away from them without stepping on Junior, and made my way to the checkout. Merrily I go thru the self-serve checkout line (my favorite) and after scanning my salad, Cheez-its, and 5th Avenue bar (hush) I stepped back, only to look down and see ANOTHER sprite at my feet, picking up some grody coupon that was laying on the floor. He missed being stepped on by a hair. Meanwhile, his perfectly groomed mother was glaring in my direction, and ignoring her kid.

And another thing! Why do grocery stores make available those little Junior Shopper carts? Nothing like being blammed into by some amok-running hooligan whose parents think it's cute that they're shopping. "Look Blanche! Isn't Cletus cute? He just ran into that lady! Aw, he's just playin!!"

While I'm at it, while in the Dollar Store of Epic Proportions on Saturday, some little girl was totally melting down. Screaming, crying, HYSTERICAL. Running to her parent, and grabbing her by the pants legs, just screeeeaming, beet red with tears just rolling down her face. Good God. What a scene. Mom just kept walking, ignoring her. If I ever would have acted like that in a store, I would have been one sorry camper. Daaaaam.

Golden Rule time, here folks. Keep your kids under control. Be it in the grocery store or the dollar store. Nobody thinks it's cute or clever. Really.

Good Day.

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