Saturday, April 23, 2005

Another dreary Saturday

But whos complaining? Certainly not me. After the surprising success of my 'found items' auctions on eBay (all the stuff I listed was for either 99 cents or two bucks...and everything was either given to me because people didn't want it anymore or it was in a box lot with other stuff I wanted to buy) I'm off to another auction this morning that features glassware and loads of 'stuff' according to the ad. I like auctions with STUFF in them. I have a good feeling about this. Since it's pretty crappy out, cold and damp and grey, that may deter some of the less die hard auction goers.

Back to PT on Monday too. I took the week off, since the only real scheduled times they had were after work, and thats when all the high school jocks come in, and I didn't want to deal with that. Thanks anyway. It was just easier. I started doing Pilates again, and my leg exercises they showed me, so I wasn't totally without PT. Just none of the good stuff to make me sweat.

Big Momma has emailed me to inquire if I'd like to shop and dine this afternoon. Where and When is my usual response to that, and I'm waiting on the word. I know the answer to that question anyway, but it never hurts to ask when dealing with her. After the auction, I guess I'll ramble on down there, and see what there is to see. She's been dealing with an older couple who are friends of hers. He's got heart problems and diabetes. She's got a touch of altzheimers. Mom has taken them on as a project, running them back and forth to hospitals and doctors visits, and taking them meals. They have adult children, but according to Mom they can't be bothered. At least til the wills are read. I feel sure this dosen't bode well for lively dinner conversation tonight.

Alas, alack, the coffee cup is empty, which signals the end of my bloggy rambling for this morning. Take care and have a good weekend, whatever you do.

Carry on.

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