Wednesday, March 23, 2005

HEY! Lookit Me!

I've got a naked right knee! I'm brace-less for the time being. Thought I'd get it out and give it a little stretch. I cancelled my rehab class for today, and rescheduled for tomorrow. So I'm swinging the right leg around like they did in PT. I'm also doing the leg lifts right here at my desk. Whoo hoo. I spent an hour this morning walking around doing my morning stuff without the brace. I'm not ready to go up and down stairs or walk lots without it, but I'm making some headway. Jack thinks that in two weeks or so I won't even need the brace. We shall see about that.

Speaking of Jack. He's holding my car hostage. Actually the little seal is a major seal, and the oil was spewing pretty good when they started working on it last night. Oh well. Thats life. While it's being held hostage, they can do their inspection on it (so I can drive without paranoia), and glue that damn piece of trim on the door that keeps flapping around. I'm not even going to complain, I've had this car since January of '04, and have only had to replace the alternator (which was a swap from the old wagon) Not bad for an eBay car. Now I've gone and jinxed myself, it'll probably end up being a huge pain in the ass to work on today, and the labor costs will be millions and millions....lets just hope not, shall we?

It's raining today, and I really didn't want to get out of bed. I laid there for a long time listening to the rain on the roof, and wishing it was Saturday. Nope. Get up, feed the cats, walk the dog and go to work! Jack picked me up this morning because of the car situation, so I even made a pot of good coffee this morning.

So here I am. Braceless and fancy free.
Carry on.

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