Thursday, March 17, 2005

Brackets? Aren't they what hold up shelves?

It's that time of year again. When people who have little or no passing interest in college basketball become rabid fans, consummate know it alls, and gambling fools.

If we had blog-o-vision, you'd see me meekly raising my hand.

I haven't followed ANY college ball this year. Hell, I even had to look up why old bug eyed John Chaney got suspended! Basketball isn't my favorite sport. I'll watch it...providing there is nothing else on. I mean REALLY nothing else. But never ever will I watch NBA basketball. EVAH.

Back in the days when the Celtics were a good team, in the mid-80's. I was a Celtics fan. I even went to the Spectrum in Philadelphia to see them play the 76ers. You know, back in the day when the game was actually PLAYED by men, and not freakishly large deliquents. (Kevin McHale and Danny Ainge weren't deliquents. They were talented. Squirrely, but talented...) I enjoyed watching the Celtics play. Especially the playoffs and Finals when they played the Lakers. It was fun to watch.

I digress. That could be the subject of another blog.

The harbinger of Spring isn't the robin, it's the almighty Bracket. They boggle my mind. I don't pay enough attention to the teams to really pick with any authority or confidence. So I go with who I know. Duke. North Carolina. Gonzaga. "Gonzaga?!" I heard you. Yeah, yeah. They were underdogs several years ago, and went pretty far, but not all the way. I love an underdog. So I get my bracket, and I make the picks.

This year, because of the mighty Ace Cold, I signed up with ESPN, and did one online. Kind of cool since you can change them as many times as you want before the cut off time. And for a person like me, who takes twenty minutes to decide "Soup or Salad" it truly is a blessing.

I will most likely crap out in the first round. But hey. It's spring. The robins can't be too far behind.

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