Friday, March 04, 2005

Back To Work

Against the judgement of more than one of my friends, I went back to work today. It's not bad. There is a LOT of stuff that needs done. Apparently nothing had been done in my world in the four days I was off. Except throw more stuff on my desk. Alas, life goes on.

After the initial show and tell, where everyone came and looked at my leg and asked the appropriate questions, we settled back into business as usual. I'd really like to be home now, on the couch, snuggled under the quilt with a book, but it dosen't appear that will happen anytime soon. My carefully hoarded days off have dwindled by four, and THAT annoys me, but at least I had them. There are still a couple left until May. Which I'm sure will be eaten up with doctors appointments and dumb shit like that. Not fun things.

So anyway, work goes on. I wore my lovely pink flowered rubber clogs to go with the pink turtleneck and flowered skirt. Don't ask what sparked this coordinated frenzy. Probably due to being in a hospital gown for 2 and a half days, and yoga pants the last 2 and a half.

The other highlight of the day was a bath. Whoo aaah. It only took a little longer than my lingering showers, but all the hot water. At least I'm clean, and I know I can do it without busting my ass. At least THIS time.

There is so much work to do here. Good Gawd.

Ah well. Downhill from here. Afternoon wise that is.

Carry On.

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