Tuesday, March 22, 2005

And thats when I saw The Shark

If you know me at all (or have read this so called blog for any time) you might be aware that I'm not one to get all gooshy about any kind of cleaning supplies.

Until now.

Before my great fall, I decided that I was tired of living in cat hair. Breathing cat hair. Eating cat hair. Especially in my bedroom. Since it's become Fort Kitty the Bronx since the arrival of the Funnelhound.

So with Visa in hand, I trundled off to Lowe's to have a gander at vacuum cleaners.

In my short lifetime, I've only had one new vacuum, and that was a BIRTHDAY PRESENT from my very first live in boyfriend. Yeah, I laughed too. He bought it for me because if you bought a vacuum you got a ten speed bike for free. He kept the bike.

Anyway, all the other vacuums have been second hand ones from the Momster. They worked. Served the purpose and all that. But I wanted a new one. I had seen commercials for The Shark vacs all the time, and thought, "Now theres a vacuum. Check 'er out."

So after much debating and hefting of different vacs at Lowe's, I decided on The Shark Pursuit Bagless Upright. With Hepa filter, might I add. Dig this:

Shark Pursuit Bagless Upright
Model: UV209
Finally Bagless Technology That Makes Sense! The Shark Pursuit Bagless Upright has a mess-free bottom emptying design that lets you quickly dispose of dirt with a push of a button. True HEPA filter traps 99.97% of air impurities as small as 0.3 microns, allowing only clean air to be released into your home. Rinseable TapClean HEPA Dust-cup Filter helps maintain maximum suction power. 12 amps with a 15" wide cleaning path. Features stretch hose and on-board tools,large capacity easy to empty dust cup, 30ft cord, and 4-level carpet heigh adjustment.
Product Specifications - UV209
Voltage n/a
Amps 12
Filtration HEPA
Dustbin yes (large capacity dust cup)
Cord Length 30'
Cleaning Path 15"
Carpet Height Adjustments 4

I shelled out the $79.99 for it, and brought it home. Putting it in the bedroom, and promptly forgot about it. (Short attention span. Okay? Give me a break) I figured Lowe's has a 90 day return policy, so if I didn't use it in 90 days, or hated it I'd take it back.

Sunday evening I went upstairs and spied the box. "Oh yes", I said to myself, "Let's play with the Shark."

Let me tell you kiddos, that thing SUCKS. In the good way. I had no idea how much cat hair was on one half of the bedroom rug. Hells bells, I could probably knit a new cat out of all that hair. It was wonderful. The little dust cup is about as big as a take out 20oz coffee cup, and holds an absurd amount of hair, dust, cat chow, nail clippings and other assorted debris. It's also a breeze to clean. Theres a lever at the bottom of the vac, and you move that, then push the button and pull out the cup thingy. Wow. Amaaazing. I'm impressed all to hell. And the extension hose is amazingly long, combined with the telescoping nozzle thingies, I can suck down the ladybug carcasses in the very corners of my bedroom ceiling.

So, go NOW and get yourself one of these vacuums. They're very sporty in a blue and silver motif, and don't make a howling lot of noise. Of course the cats hate it, but what else is new right?


Carry on.

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