Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Ever notice when someone says "they don't care". It affects the person, place, or thing that they don't care about the least? The details are the things that get overlooked.

Just an interesting observation.

The phrase 'I don't care' goes thru me like a knife. I got my ass spanked as a kid for saying "I don't care" to my Mom. I've never forgotten that. It's not an answer. If someone asks you a question, and you reply, "I don't care" don't ever bitch about the outcome, and don't be surprised when people start overlooking you. Because you don't care, therefore, you don't count.

Again. Just an observation.

I guess I'm an arrogant person because if anyone asks my opinion, I always give a proper answer. I lived with a guy whose stock answer was, "I don't care" and in time, I didn't either. We no longer live together.

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