Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Pass the Knitting Needles, Please The abridged version

I'm having one of those days. Jabbing knitting needles in my eyes would be a welcome diversion from all the bullshit.


All night I dreamed about giving first aid to the dog. All night mind you. It was like some 6 hour tape loop of Emergency Vet or something. Christ.

I couldn't find my damn keys when it was time to leave. I looked in all the usual locations. The last place I looked the front door lock. There they were. Nice. I've adapted well to country living. When I lived in the city, it took two different keys to get in the apartment. Also, obviously, key control, which was pounded into my head when I worked for the Department of Corrections, has gone by the wayside in the biggest of ways.

Then it took forever to get to work. Usually twenty minutes is about right. Even with a coffee stop.
Not today. I had to get gas. I had to get lunch. And I don't get gas and food at the same place if I can help it.

For my lunch I stopped at the grocery store. Their salad bar opens at 8. In theory. Not today. Not only was the salad bar not even ready at 7:50, but none of the tongs and spoons were out in the other food. Ya big tease! Nothing like having feta cheese and stuffed grape leaves looking all yummy, and no way to obtain them except your fingers. I wasn't risking that. The trollish salad bar Nazi had yelled at me once in this lifetime, and it wasn't happening again. Especially today. So I wandered up and down the frozen food aisle. Thinking perhaps something there would pique my hunger. Pot roast. Macaroni & cheese. Fried chicken. Ravoli. Eh. Eh. Eh. and Eh. Back to the salad bar. Still nothing happening. So I settled for a can of soup. Again with the low carb chicken enchilada. It isn't bad really. But the carb control thing is somewhat diminished when you put as many crackers in it as I do.

Thus far, it's been a steller day. I can't wait to go home and wrestle the dog again so I can clean and bandage his boo-boo. 2 more days after today. 2 more days!

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