Friday, February 25, 2005

Cleaning the Groundhog Ranch

A possible contributing factor to my new Zen-ness is that I've got a handle on the cleaning situation.

Well. Perhaps handle isn't the right word. Try light at the end of the tunnel. Try scrabbling fingernails.

At any rate. Last night I cleaned the upstairs litterboxes and mopped under the bed.

It was horrifying. The dust bunnies were huge! And cats don't do math well. Obviously, if there are 4 cats, 1 litter box in the general vicinity, and 3 more downstairs, logic would dictate for them to use the downstairs ones.


There are now 3 litterboxes upstairs. Luckily, they're in the room I use for my summer office, (it's cold in there any other time) and aren't in my way.

Can I go home now?

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