Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Big Pig

I like Sundays. Particularly Big Pig Sundays. Big Pig is an excuse just to lay around and be just that. A big pig. It's not every day. It's not every week. You can have any chores that need done before Big Pig officially starts. It's very therapeutic. Especially if you've had a hard week.

The 'Rules' for Big Pig are as follows:

Any leaving the house must be done prior to 10 am.

No wearing real clothes after 10 am. Jammies or sweats.

No shower.

Don't leave the couch unless you're going to the kitchen.

You can eat anything you want. No guilt. No counting carbs, fats or calories.

At least one nap must be taken at some point in the day.

TV can't be all that stimulating that you'll miss your nap. (NASCAR works for me. I can watch it, nap, and still be awake in time for the checkered flag to drop.)

No visitors unless they want to follow the Big Pig Rules.

It's not hard. And you wake up very refreshed on Monday morning.

Attention please, it has come to my attention that the sparse rules for Big Pig are too complicated for some....

It dosen't have to be the stroke of 10 o'clock. Noon is fine. Go to church. Play golf. Whatever.

If you want to shower, thats your deal. I just find that Big Pig lends itself to not showering. Personally I don't mind taking a one day break from bath products. Anyway, the shower the next day is woonderful.

So relax, call a Big Pig Sunday sometime. You'll love it.

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