Monday, January 10, 2005

Wildly Unpopular

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This is Obie. 9 year old Springer Spaniel. My Dad's dog. He's come to live at the Groundhog Ranch. It's not a popular decision. I'm on the cat's shit list in a big way.

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See? Pete is braver than all the rest, though. He at least came downstairs.

Obie dosen't seem to be aggressive towards them, he just wants to play. And sniff them. This is soo beneath the dignity of cats....Evil Bertha, the under the bed cat is downstairs too, hiding under the couch. Obie is losing his shit because she won't come out for him. Grace and John Doe have pulled the invisible cat routine. John slinked (slunk?) down here a little while ago to check out the dog. Dog woke up and that was that. See John run. Run! John Run!

Obie was here five minutes and got into the only burr bush in the whole yard. He also saw the cows. He stopped dead. City dog, probably has never seen cows before. He wasn't real sure what to do about them. I guess they weren't all that interesting, so he went back to sniffing and peeing on stuff.

He's actually a good dog. Hasn't beelined for the litter boxes for a tasty treat, and totally ignored the cat food. Drank the water, but didn't eat the crunchies. Lavish praise heaped upon him.

Obe has a tumor on his shoulder blade. It's in the bone. Dad looked into it last spring, and then, when it was a little smaller, it would have cost 1800 dollars to remove. And according to Dad, they would have had to take the whole leg too. "I can't pay that kind of money and then have a 3 legged dog" he said. This time, I have to agree with him. The tumor is bigger now. Like 2 softballs side by side. Obie dosen't limp or anything, nor does it seem to bother him, so I guess right now I'll just let it be. Sounds cold, but there aren't many options I'm afraid. There will be worse decisions to make down the road, but I'm not thinking about that right now.

Relative calm has descended. Pete is still on top of the kitchen island. And the invisi-cats still aren't around. And Obie is laying in the hallway looking at me.

Stay tuned. This is going to be an adventure.

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